Space Wars

Space Wars

Slot machine test: space wars

This game is one thing above all: removed. You'll notice that relatively quickly when you make your first turns in "Space Wars". But the description is never negative meant, because in addition to the very cute animations, there are also the odds, bringing a high gravity with. Developed by net entertainment the slot machine in various online casinos can be - played in the pure fun mode.

Of the design you will transported naturally into outer space, where clearly the question is answered, whether the man is alone in the universe. But the alien contemporaries not always very friendly look. No matter, because they bring above all profits. Also new twists, which expire within a lap and middles that grant you make that possible. So mask up, buckled in and down in the online slot machine is "Space Wars".

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Space wars online game

You can see the dark to cheerful-looking aliens who must right into the teleport links. You where he turn rows with same aliens or symbols can do it. Thus, the cute guys are collected right and a new turn begins. The disappearance of the aliens to be but not your only reward, because of course there are also winning will be credited to your account for such series.

A number always consists of the same motif and starts left. Series interrupted by other symbols do not count. It is important also that a number always on line. 40 line total in "Space Wars" is almost a matter of course. The quantity of lines is clear, but not your usage is determined from Einsatzeben and coin value. Why should you play with higher usage? Consequently your profits higher. However, you lose for the time being, hence more credits per spin.

The different slot game symbols in the space wars online slot

Aliens are the characters in "Space Wars". Each in two different versions, there are five different types. There are even small cuddly expenditure which can ensure ball for smaller to medium-sized profits. But just like the larger icons, they have a big advantage, constantly coming to fruition in "Space Wars". Income line throws a new twist, which is considered the same round. Double chance so per round with 40 paylines total.

The larger icons bring more weight on the scale. This concerns also the profits. Really high it will win, if at the same time longer series and multiple payline for you. And then there still wild, which will also contribute a large proportion would be. Wilds appearing only on reels 2 and 4 for this but quite frequently and in large numbers. Thus, other motives be replaced, which ranks can make. Thanks to the many paylines of "Space Wars", the wilds can lead to high gains.

Slot machines instructions of space wars

You can directly go and play "Space Wars" online. Available in test mode or real money. Then it needs a registration in the online casino and the charge of the account. You can play missions in "Space Wars". The usage level and the value of the coin to decide how high is your total bet per round. This usage with each rotation, excluding the new twists to payline WINS, you lose. The use of higher, but also the possible winnings, which are calculated with multipliers are higher.

Click on "Paytable" provides you with all important information from "Space Wars". Here you will find the symbols and also the winning lines. The rest is basically self explanatory. Alternatively to the large button in the Middle you can use the auto-start function, which has hidden itself in very small bottom left. Here, you choose just how many rounds of "Space Wars" will start automatically. You can but also at any time to exit the mode and regular play.

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